Dewalt DW716 Compound Miter Saw – What to Know Before Buying.

If you are looking for the best miter saw, you probably have considered Dewalt tool’s DW716 12 inch double bevel compound miter saw. Dewlt tools has been a household name in quality tools for many years. and they have produced some fine, high-quality miter saws. What makes the DW716 miter saw stand out among it’s peers? For starters this compound miter saw is extremely accurate and highly usable right out of the box. Secondly, the DW716 miter saw is a solid dependable tool that is easy to use. Most importantly, this saw is capable of performing well on a variety of jobs.

Factory-provided accuracy

Out-of-the-box this compound miter saw needed little to no adjustment to prepare it for use. The saw’s blade was square tot he base and fence as well. It has 11 positive stops for ease of use and all are extremely accurate. The cam-lock system is easy to adjust and allows for quick changes from one to the next. The detent override also works extremely well and allows you to adjust the miter without falling back into the detents. This compound miter saw also allows for large capacity, both left and right, up to 50 degrees. Even bevel cuts are are quick and accurate with a full 48 degree measurement left and right. And the hardened bevel stops of the DW716 allow you to easily adjust the the saw, not the wood, to the most common bevel angles.

Dependable, Solid and Easy-to-use

The Dewalt DW716 features a powerful 15 amp motor that is mounted  high and out of the way. The belt driven motor can provide an amazing 3600 rpm no load speed. this makes cutting through even the toughest of materials a snap. Whether or not you choose to add Dewalt’s L.E.D. system or their laser light system, both can provide amazing predictability, though the laser system does take a bit more time to adjust. At just 44 pounds this compound miter saw is easily portable within the workplace and it’s built-in carry handle make toting the DW716 a real possibility. This saw is built  deliver great use well in to the future and should anything go wrong it comes with a terrific 3 year limited service warranty.

A Variety of Uses

From crown and base molding to chair rails and more this miter saw will provide many hours of use to you. The DW716’s tall fence easily supports 6 5/8″ crown molding and 6 1/2″ base molding set vertically and will easily slide out of the way when you need to make you bevel cuts. This saw also deliver quick easy cuts of dimensional lumber. 2 by 8inch lumber is easily cut at as much as a 45 degree angle and at 90 degrees, 2 by 10. Reviews also state that the DW716 slices easily through “…wood, steel, PVC, copper, even stones and brick…” allowing you a variety of use in all of your home and commercial environments. Many users also comment that have in a full 12 inch blade really makes the difference.

All Around a Terrific Tool

Though there are a few downsides reported this is an excellent choice for your next miter saw. Things that have been complained about are the fence sliding after several successive uses, the dust bag’s incapability to fuly collect the dust and the time it takes to set-up the laser. All of these are either so common as to not lend credence to downgrading the ranking or are seldom heard issues that probably relate more with the user than with the tool. I fully recommend the Dewalt DW716 as your next choice for a compound miter saw.

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I’ve had 10-inch miter saws but this is my first 12-inch and wow, what a difference it makes. This DW716 slices through anything — wood, steel, PVC, copper, even stones and brick. Like others, I had to spend about 30 minutes calibrating it out of the box, but that also provided overall familiarity with the tool. These generally sell for 20% less at your local hardware store when on sale than here at Amazon, so shop around. Going from 10 to 12 inches brings only one gripe: the cost of blades is about 50% more. Yet this 15-amp baby has so much torque it really pays off. If you don’t own a good miter saw, rob your wife or your mom to get one. The speed and accuracy alone will pay off with your first project. It makes carpentry much easier. –Zaine Ridling

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