Dewalt’s DW713 10″ Compound Miter Saw, What You Should Know Before Buying

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Blade diameter 10″
Arbor 5/8″
Crown molding (nested) 4-1/2″
Baseboard (vertical) 3-1/2″
Max. cutting capacity (90°) 2″ x 6′
Max. cutting capacity (45° L/R ) 2″ x 6″
No-load speed 5,000 RPM
AMPs 15.0
Dimensions (LxWxH) Not Given
Net weight 35 lbs. Product Description

Whether you’re cutting baseboards or crown molding, the DEWALT 10-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw provides quick, accurate cuts to complete the job. Thanks to a powerful motor, an easy-to-adjust cam-lock miter handle, convenient miter and bevel stops, and a tall fence for oversized decorative moldings, this compound miter saw is ready for a range of crosscutting and miter-cutting applications. In addition, it comes with a durable carbide blade, a blade wrench, and a convenient dust bag.

Smart, Powerful Design for Quick, Accurate Cuts
The DEWALT single-bevel sliding compound miter saw’s 10-inch blade is backed by a powerful and dependable 15 amp motor. Offering a no-load speed of 5,000 rpm, it makes quick work of cutting framing or molding, as well as other crosscutting and miter-cutting jobs.

This sturdy saw is designed to deliver precise cuts and allow versatile setups required for miter applications. The precise miter system’s adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate features 11 positive stops for easy setup and improved efficiency. An easy-to-adjust cam-lock miter handle delivers quick and accurate miter angles, and features a convenient detent override, which allows you to adjust the miter setting without the saw slipping into the miter detents. And the saw’s big miter capacity– 0 to 50 degrees to the left and the right–adds versatility.

DEWALT 10-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

This DEWALT Miter Saw has a dependable 15 amp motor that delivers a no-load speed of 5,000 rpm.

In addition, a tall fence supports 4-1/2-inch crown molding nested vertically, as well as 6-inch base molding set vertically against the fence. The fence slides out of the way easily when it’s time to make bevel cuts.

Increased Bezel Capacity and Convenient Stops
This saw is designed to deliver quick, accurate bevel cuts. You can easily set up for bevel cuts that measure between 0 and 48 degrees to the left and bevel cuts that measure between 0 degrees and 3 degrees to the right. This handy setup provides increased capacity for big jobs. Plus, with positive bevel stops at 0 and 45 and degrees, this saw makes finding and setting the most common bevel angles a quick and easy process.

Ideal for a range of applications, the saw can deliver clean, 45-degree bevel cuts through dimensional lumber that measures up to 2 by 6 inches.

DEWALT 10-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Powerful carbide blade is ideal for cutting baseboards and crown molding.

Portable and Compatible with the DEWALT Laser and L.E.D. Systems
This lightweight compound miter saw weighs just 35 pounds and features a built-in carry handle, so you can move it around the jobsite easily and lift it comfortably when it comes time to stow the saw at the end of the day.

For additional accuracy and ease of use, this saw is compatible with the DEWALT DWS7085 L.E.D. (sold separately) work light and cut line indicator or the DW7187 (sold separately) adjustable miter saw laser system. Both accessories ensure the cutting path is clear to see.

This 10-inch single-bevel compound miter saw comes with a DEWALT warranty package that includes a three-year limited warranty, a one-year free service contract, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

What’s in the Box
DW713 DEWALT 10-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw, one carbide blade, blade wrench, and dust bag.

DEWALT 10-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

The DEWALT 10-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw weighs just 35 pounds and is easy to maneuver around worksites.

Check out what other users have to say about this great compound miter saw:

Buy the Hitachi C10FCE2 NOWRating: ★★★★☆ Overall quality is impressive. I especially like the cam miter lock, miter scale quality, detent over-ride, vernier miter adjustment, blade brake, light weight, and powerful 15A motor. The included blade (40 tooth) is surprisingly good. The only con I found was the bevel pointer/bevel scale setup. The “point” doesn’t line up with the bevel degree marker area by about 1/4 to 3/8’s half inch. It makes you guess the degree of bevel + or – 3 degrees. The manual says to set the top edge of the bevel pointer as the read point for accuracy. The only problem is that the top edge of the bevel pointer is not on the same plane as the bevel scale, leaving you without a good point to read the bevel. This is a 10 cent part, which is not in keeping with the quality and features of the rest of the saw. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

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