Hitachi C12FDH 12-inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw – Don’t Buy Until You Read This!

Hitachi Miter SawHitachi Power tools is a quality provider of professional power tools. These tools might light work of your toughest jobs. From metal to wood Hitachi’s C12FDH dual bevel miter saw is a shining example of this tradition. It is packed with features to provide quick accurate cuts. It is a perfect tool for any job site. Check out these amazing features.

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Hitachi’s C12FDH is a versitile and easy-to-use compound miter saw. It features a thumb-actuated Positive miter stop for all the most common angles. This miter saw has a full swing 52 degrees left and right. The innovative design of the Hitachi C12FDH makes changing the blade’s angle easy while cutting miters in your crown molding and trim.

This 12 inch miter saw has a bevel scale that ranges from zero to 48 degrees left or right. This allows your work to stay in place while you make opposing cuts. You can save time as well by bevelling the miter saw’s cutting head left or right without moving your work. Just secure the major bevel angle then use the micro-bevel adjustment knob to dial in a precise angle. All this and the weight of the saw head won’t compromise your accuracy.

The Hitachi C12FDH come with a 12-inch TCT blade for making even your most delicate trimwork a snap. The included pivoting tall fence is high enough to allow you to make accurate vertical cuts in crown molding or cuts into large pieces 2 5/16 inches in height and 5 21/32 inches deep.

This high quality miter saw comes with Hitachi’s Laser Marker System. You can turn this on just before the blade is put into motion for piece of mind and increased confidence. It is easily adjustable to suit your preferences and the blade makes an exact cut along the laser guide. This makes cutting right the first time simple and easy saving you time and money.

The C12FDH is equipped with a powerful 15 amp motor that has a no load speed of 4,000 rpm that make light work of your toughest jobs. The included splinter guard just behind the fence makes clean cuts with limited tear-outs. This compound miter saw has a terrific horizontal handle that reduces vibration and leaves you in control. The large base is designed for stability and the built in clamping system keeps your work in place. Perhaps the most important inclusion to this wonderful compound miter saw is its warranty, one of the longest in the industry

This is an excellent machine and ahas earned its place in the wokplace but don’t just take my word for it.

Bryan B writes:
I purchased this saw a few weeks ago. After years of borrowing my father’s DeWalt, it was time to get my own. I’m not a professional, just a weekend home improvement guy. I compared features and warranty vs. price and after speaking with the folks at the “blue” home improvement store, made the decision to buy this saw. I used it this weekend (over a period of about 18 hours over two days) to cut crown molding and could not have been happier with the performance. The laser was lined up perfectly out of the box and made cutting extremely easy. This is just a well made, powerful, easy to use saw and I could not recommend it highly enough. Quality on the saw looks great and it was set up perfectly out of the box. For $289, I can’t be happier and look forward to using this for years to come. Also got a Ryobi saw stand at the “orange” home improvement place-love it also. Assembly and set up with my saw took about 30 minutes. No issues at all. You will not regret buying this saw.

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