The JET JMS-12SCMS Dual Bevel Slide Miter Saw: An Unknown Saw From A Well-Known Company

By Owen Johnson

In the world of woodworking, the name Jet is well-known and respected when it comes to high quality table saws. And has been for many years. But not too many people are aware that in the last two or three years, Jet has also been selling dual bevel sliding compound miter saws.

The line includes both a 10″ (JMS-10SCMS) and a 12″ model (JMS-12SCMS). The features of the two models are nearly identical so we’re just going to talk about the JMS-12SCMS here. (You may also see this saw designated by its part number, 707120 B3NCH.)

What Buyers Had To Say

I searched the Internet looking for buyer reviews for this saw and had a hard time finding any, that’s how unknown this saw is. But of the six or seven I did find, all but two gave it a solid five star rating. The other two gave it a four stars: One was disappointed in the dust collection bag (a pretty common complaint with miter saws) and the other didn’t like the plastic control knobs and handles.

A couple of buyers said the Jet JMS-12SCMS was accurate right out of the box (no one said it wasn’t) and one was especially impressed with the 60 tooth blade, considering that most original equipment miter saw blades go directly into the recycle bin and are immediately replaced by an aftermarket blade.

Features That Make Your Job Easier

This saw has some unique features that will help you do better work, faster and easier. And make it work better for you and last longer, with less cleaning and maintenance. Let’s start with the up-front controls, including the bevel lock. With most bevel saws, you have to reach behind the saw to adjust and lock the bevel – that’s a hassle and it’s time-consuming. Not so with the Jet.

Another thing I’ve never seen on any other saw is the little swing-out arms that give more support when cutting wider stock. And the clear blade guard has little wheels on the end to help it glide over your work when you’re cutting that 2×12.

Then there’s the green laser, instead of the usual red, that shows up better in daylight conditions so it helps you make precisions cuts under any conditions.

One obvious difference in the JMS-12SCMS that you notice as soon as you see it is the power train. The 15 amp motor is mounted above and behind the blade housing, up and out of the way. The manufacturer points out that this gives you greater cutting capacity but I think it’s important to point out it also gives you better visibility; the motor never blocks your view of the cut or casts a shadow on your work.

This motor setup is possible because Jet uses an enclosed v-belt connecting the motor to the blade which takes up less space and makes less noise than a gear drive system. And because it’s enclosed, you don’t have to worry about dust getting into it. Likewise with the enclosed slide rail system.


As mentioned by one buyer and referenced above, the dust collection bag leaves a bit to be desired. But again, that’s a common complaint with miter saws. That’s why most serious users connect a shop vac or some type of dust extraction system to their saws.

One other possible problem I noticed in the specifications is the JMS-12SCMS has a 5/8″ arbor, where most 12″ saw blades come standard with a 1″ bore. This means to use most aftermarket blades, you’ll have to get and install a reducing bushing and they’re not easy to find. However, there are a few online blade dealers that sell these bushings, and there are some 12″ blades available with a 5/8″ bore.


I’m actually amazed that a saw this good, from a company as well known as Jet, hasn’t made a huge splash in the contractor market. Like Jet’s famous table saws, the JMS-12SCMS is a well thought out, precision machine with good features, but unlike their table saws, it’s competitively priced, right in the range of other similar saws from Makita, Bosch, DeWalt, etc. I think this machine is worth a look.

Read the full Jet JMS-12SCMS Miter Saw Review for the full list of features and specifications, along with photos. And to compare it with other professional miter saws visit

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The JET JMS-12SCMS Dual Bevel Slide Miter Saw: An Unknown Saw From A Well Known Company

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