The Makita LS1016L, A 10-inch Miter Saw for 12-inch Sawing.

Makita’s  powerful LS1016L 10-inch dual slide compound miter saw is a powerful high capacity precision tool. The DXT technology allows for deeper exact cuts into taller crown molding than is possible with any other 10 inch saw. It’s direct drive motor is terrific for ripping through tough jobs quickly and accurately. The four sliding linear rails features a stability not found in other sliding miter saws. It literally eliminates deflection in up to 12 inch crosscuts. With a compact design and convenient handles and grips, this saw is extremely portable. The tall sliding fence system has independent upper and lower adjustments for more precise cuts.  And the built-in independent laser with its micro-adjustments allows for precise left-of-blade and right-of-blade line accuracy.

Blade diameter 10″
Arbor 5/8″
Crown molding (nested) 6-5/8″
Baseboard (vertical) 4-3/4″
Max. cutting capacity (90°) 4-3/4″ x 12″
Max. cutting capacity (45° L/R ) 2-1/2″ x 8-1/2″
No-load speed 3,200 RPM
AMPs 15.0
Dimensions (LxWxH) 28-1/8″ x 25-1/4″ x 26-1/2″
Net weight 52.2 lbs.

Rating: ★★★★★


This 10-inch compound miter saw has an industry leading capacity that rivals many 12-inch miter saws. Makita’s DXT Technology provides the increased capacity and is welcome addition to it’s mine of miter saws. The LS1016L features a 6 5/8″ capacity for larger crown molding. It can cut 4 3/4″ baseboard nested vertically. And at 90°, this versatile tool provides 12 inch crosscuts without deflection. This kind of capacity is not found in 10-inch miter saws. And with the cost of blades you’ll save by using this terrific tool.

The miter adjusts to a full 60° right and 52° left. Though a full 60° left would also come with a larger table are, this is an amazing range for a 10-inch miter. The saw provides a full 45° left and right bevel, however you will want to make sure that the 0°positive stop is working properly. A few reviews have stated that this is a commonly damaged item during shipping.

Rating: ★★★★½


The thing that turn most users off of a sliding miter saw is the deflection incurred in the sliding motion of the tool. Makita has addressed this by providing 4 sliding rails with linear ball bearings to increase accuracy and stability during crosscuts and on larger pieces. there are 6 of these linear ball bearing systems for added accuracy. Out-of-the-box the bearings are a bit rough, however this will decease after working the sliding mechanism a few times.

The independent (uses it’s own switch so turn it off when you are done) built-in laser is amazingly precise and makes lining your cuts up a snap even from a full standing position. Its micro adjustments make it useful for left- or right-of blade alignments.

Making adjustments with this saw is a cinch. The miter lock is secure and easy to use and the double handled bevel lock is easily adjustable whether you are right or left of the saw. Though the fence may take some adjusting (effort involved) out-of-the-box, it will and does stay accurate to the blade. And with the fences independent upper and lower adjustments you will find much more accuracy and use in this saw.

Rating: ★★★★½


The precise direct drive motor can reach a full 3200 RPM no load speed. This confident tool will provide all of that power directly to the table without all of the strain on the motor that is commonly seen in belt driven saws. The constant speed drive will automatically increase torque when cutting into harder materials. This maintains the power and control you’ll need for your toughest jobs. Also you’ll note a much quieter experience and soft start with this miter saw. Makes working with it a much less abrasive experience. The large grip and lower RPMs also provide a smoother cutting machine.

The LS1016L is an extremely portable saw. Weighing in at just over 52 Lbs, this saw convenient handles make it easy to grip while transporting it around the job site. The large rounded handles are also easy on the hand while carrying. The compact design is enough to allow for easy lifting and carrying.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½

Pros and Cons Simplified

Pros Cons
  • DXT Technology – Deeper cutting means larger capacity.
  • Precise 4-rail Sytem with 6 Linear Ball Bearings
  • High, Sliding Miter Fence with Upper and Lower Adjustments
  • Powerful 15 amp, Direct Drive Motor
  • Compact, Lightweight Design for Portability
  • Clear, Accurate Laser
  • Occasionally Difficult Out-of-the-box Setup
  • Under-engineered 0° Bevel Positive Stop
  • Dust Bag Collection System
  • Poorly Written Instruction Manual

Check out what other users have to say about this great compound miter saw:

Buy the Hitachi C10FCE2 NOWI bought this saw to replace an old, cheap Protech miter saw. I needed a better miter saw to work on my son’s Boy Scout Eagle project, so I spent many hours researching different saws and purchased the Makita late spring, early summer 2010. This saw performed flawlessly. I had no problems with either the upper or lower slides. The saw was dead on for 90 and 45 degrees out of the box. I have since cut numerous 8/4 hard maple boards up to 11+ inches and the saw had plenty of power and the blade that came with the saw cut perfectly. Couldn’t be happier. Removed the dust collection bag and hooked it directly to my shop vac and it does a decent job of dust collection, not great but decent.

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